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} ced that they have a new way to get african-americans to vote for republicans. >> i have a major revelation for black americans. it is a big lie that democrats are for black americans and republicans are against black americans. abraham lincoln who freed the slaves was a republican. republicans founded the naacp.
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republicans passed the civil rights act while democrats opposeed it. blacks can gain success and prosperity by voting out the democrats and voting in the republicans. >> cenk: all right let's see if it worked. we have our panel here. i'll just pick someone as random. jayar. are you convinced? are you now republican after watching that ad. >> i was on the edge. they were trying to say all the right things. slavery. oh, my god. >> you're against slavery. from the very beginning the first thing coming out of the advocate's mouth, i have an announcement for you idiot black people, you dumb asss. the first thing that comes out are going straight to the emotional things. the naacp that you all loved. i heard you don't like it when we have separate fountains and
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we couldn't go to the same school, we did that, too. do you like that? it doesn't even begin to work. >> it's so insulting because it makes the assumption that black people don't know the difference between the republican party from 1865 to today. the republican party is so different. when you look at racial institutions in the country and the republican party is really looking out for you? i don't think anybody is buying that. >> strong sermon. become a republican because the democrats from supporting civil rights. that's the end of the conversation. >> cenk: the conversation was that they had to go back to the 1860s who liked blacks. >> and in case they didn't know it, a lot of black people in america, go, well, i think--well we know abraham lincoln was forced into the direction of saving the whole country in
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freeing the slaves. he didn't wake up thinking, i feel for these guys. i'm going to change this whole place. he did it for ways that helped himself. look how we praise him to this day. >> it ended up really not helping him. it took an ugly turn for him. >> cenk: but it did help the country. if all this was settled fox news will make sure that you get the message. bill reilly will be talking about black which he's a huge expert in. >> using affirmative action to succeed, and barack obama did use affirmative action to be educated. do you think there is any racial business here. i'm not saying anything in in the at the othertive. did the presidents come up the same way. >> no if mike huckabee supports you is there racism.
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>> i didn't say racism. i said racial connection. >> i know what you're trying to say but its disrespectful. it's disrespectful to journal powell and to the president. you cannot take such a pedigree and dilute it to pigmentation. >> you don't think shared experience enters into-- >> you're telling me that if president obama had not done a good job that colin powell, general powell would have supported president obama regardless absolutely not. >> i'm saying he might be cutting him a little more slack. >> you can paint it how you want to, but i don't agree with you. >> i ask a provocative question, which is what i do here. >> cenk: just ask an asinine question. >> i love his euphemism there a shared experience. >> cenk: there is truth to some degree. not in what colin powell has done, but how bill o'reilly is
4:31 pm
projecting. i vote on race so i assume colin powell is going to vote on race. >> i think the notion, and god bless arthel neville nope, nope, nope. >> she got that job because she was black. >> the chairman of the joints chief of staff, a four-star general, who has sent men to die for the country is going to be, like oh, i don't care. he could be doing a bad job but i'm going to support him. i'm going to put more americans in harm's way because we're the same race? >> cenk: why didn't he support jesse jackson all those years. >> or herman cain. and colin powell who did all those things is supporting the other guy, what are we doing wrong that we're losing people like colin powell? they're terrible in introspection, but the party
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won't change until one or two of them or five of them, or here on the seven we helped them along. >> i think they're starting to see that to some extent. we're starting to see a riff in the republican party. even michael steele who is distancing himself from the kind of tea party core that you see in the republican party. that's a question that i wanted to ask you ana you brought up the point when we saw that first ad. it's insulting that they would think that the black constituent constituency wouldn't know the difference between the republican party now and then. are we even talking about the republican party any more? >> i think we are. >> is there a republican party any more? this is what i want to know. >> i think the republican party you talk about distancing themselves, i think they're trying to distance themselves from the tea partyers. >> but that becomes the core base. >> i think they're moving away from that. i don't think it's the core base any more.
4:33 pm
they're realizing that it's hurting them in congressional races, and they don't want any part of that. >> maybe it's a general election and we see more moderate opinions out there in the general election. >> i. >> cenk: i want to give you one more clip because i love this. bill o'reilly figured it out after the american grievances. let him educate us. >> do you think it has anything to do with grievance because in some african-american communities there is a grievance against whites who are not sympathetic to their cause. and that may be driving a little bit of it. so there are some african-americans who believe that the reason they're not prospering as a community, all right, is because society has not done enough. the reason why society has not done enough because of rich white guys. >> cenk: mark, last word. does it seem like he's saying, here they go again. they want more and more. that's why they want obama to win, so they can take more. all their grievances. >> i find everything that comes out of his mouth coded for a
4:34 pm
pre-determined response, to empower people to feel okay with feeling that way. i don't know who he was talking to. >> dennis miller. >> i didn't know he was black. >> cenk: all right, we have to leave it right there. when we come back we'll talk about climate change, and there is a devastating ad against mitt romney on that as well. >> president obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans. my promise is to help you and your family. [ cheering ] [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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sane. >> cenk: we will we've got all these conservative super pacs running ads against progressive causes. now that we have people striking back people who believe in
4:38 pm
climate change are running this ad against romney. >> president obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. my promise is to help you and your family. [ cheering ] >> cenk: that's a pretty devastating ad. now north carolina city after suffering through sandy is thinking, well, this thing is so real we've got to start taking precautions to which i say of course! >> experts now wonder if the massive storm surge that flood lower manhattan and washed away parts of the jersey shore could have been solved by sea barriers. now two engineering firms are preparing massive shields like these near the harbor.
4:39 pm
a wall i lie lies flat in the harbor and then comes up to protect the storm surge. they have them in london and the netherlands operating 4 24 hours a day. >> we have the whole man here, you're the senior science journalist for the "huffington post." okay, we we could put walls up, but shouldn't we go to the source of the problem fossil fuels. >> you have to mitigate the effects because in some respects it is a little too late to reverse this problem. but you also want to work as hard as you can to stop it from getting any worse. we can talk about this kind of two degree celsius problem, and we can get to the technical stuff. but the truth is it's already
4:40 pm
gotten so bad and even if we stopped putting emissions in the atmosphere it will still get worse for many, many years. >> cenk: let's talk about that for a minute. we have thisthere is magical reverse when we need it. it seems that that would be the time. >> they're saying, the scientists will do all that. >> cenk: seriously is there a way to reverse it. >> to reverse climate change? >> cenk: it just times. >> it a function of making sure it doesn't get worse. we are we at that level. >> cenk: that was a hard-hitting ad against mitt romney against climate change. should democrats--that was an outside group. should democrats run more ads that way or is the problem also captured by the puzzle. >> it's just tragic that they have managed to make science into a political issue.
4:41 pm
it seemed to be the greatest thing to bring us together in a nonpartisan way if not to cope with, cure the problem. that's why it's so hard to see the republicans laugh at his "humor" when there should be sincere efforts. to answer your question absolutely. i think we should grab that mantle, and we're on the right side of history. >> cenk: anybody believe this is the moment where it hit the new yorkers and dc, that maybe there is a chance that it will break through, oh wow this is really serious. >> the hope is that this breaks through to obama. this is where true patriots are going to question their own advocate. obama has been have had very kateing for drill baby drill, and "clean coal," and these things are not going to save you see from ourselves.
4:42 pm
>> by the way look at the package we just showed. it was media talking about how could this possibly be linked to climate change? at this point i feel like its obama's obligation and responsibility to make this part of the discussion. but the politicians are afraid to do it because it has become political. at the same time things continue to get worse. we keep seeing extreme weather more and more of these hurricanes, and nothing has been done about it because everybody it is too afraid to talk about it. >> cenk: this is nasa keeping track of the temperatures since 1880ss going back and tracking it. gee, i wonder if the temperatures are increasing? i can't quite tell. as you look at something like that you have to deny absolute reality to say no, i don't see it. >> just turn the graphic upside down. >> the 1880s that's when they had good republicans. >> cenk: one last thing before we leave. mark hamil.
4:43 pm
"star wars" 7. are you in it? >> i would love to make a big announcement. but i don't know enough. >> cenk: make something up then. >> you're a pundit. >> there is so much on and off the record, i don't know what i'm free to say any more. >> put your mouth to it then. >> are you looking forward. >> not too bad with marvel and pixar and the muppets. i'm worried where lucas is going to put all that punish. i'll ask him the next time i do yardwork. >> cenk: when you use the light saver. >> yes cutting edge technology all the way. >> cenk: you can have it for $4.05 million. >> thank you. >> cenk: when we come back we sent ben to vegas and figured out which way the state is swinging. there was one person he did end
4:44 pm
up talking to. we'll talk about that when we come back. >> this strip in las vegas nevada, we figured where else can you get a better cross section of people who live in this fine state. [ ♪ music ♪ ] an informed electorate. our country's future depends on you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. take the time to learn about the issues. don't just vote, vote smart.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right, back on "the young turks"." we sent ben mankiewicz out to nevada to see which way that state was going to go.
4:48 pm
he had a lot of fun, and he might have talked to people who were swing voters. >> this strip, las vegas. nevada, where else could you find a better cross section of the people who live in this fine state. >> what part of nevada are you from? >> we're from australia. >> nevada is a swing state, but colorado is also a swing state. are you getting inundated with ads. >> oh my gosh. it's horrible. >> does it make you more engaged in the process or less. >> less. i turn the station now. i'm not even watching the tv now. i don't want to hear it we got to catch the bus. >> not a good time if you're in vegas. >> i have another headache from my holiday costume. have you seen that show britney and abby? they were conjoined. i was that, britney and abby. i had an extra head.
4:49 pm
>> who do you think is ahead. >> romney all the way. >> why? >> obama is not the biggest fan here. >> of gambling? >> no, obama is just--nobody likes him here. >> the odds are-- >> they don't like him over here. >> yet you're in agreement. >> i don't like him either. >> how come? >> he sucks. he has ruined the economy in in the last four years basically. he needs to go. >> it's funny to make fun of conjoined twins. >> selma hayek. >> let me ask you a question about sheryl. do we think sheryl is an obama supporter or a romney supporter. >> bleep--she don't care about romney obama. it doesn't matter. >> i'm from phoenix. >> arizona. >> so are you--are you following
4:50 pm
the presidential election. >> yes. >> um, are you into it or annoyed by it? have you had enough? >> i am into it. i like it. we don't have as much recognition in arizona as in nevada. >> it's not a swing state. >> it's not a swing state. everyone knows where arizona swings. nevada is more of a swing state. >> women' going to vote for berry. >> are you going to vote. >> perhaps. >> are you from seattle? >> syria. >> are you following the u.s. elections? >> yes. >> who are you pulling for? >> who? >> in the election, you know, obama. >> oh, okay then, i don't know. i prefer obama. >> what part of nevada are you from. >> i'm from alberta canada. >> have you been watching much television. >> i try not to keep up the
4:51 pm
noise with what is going on out there. alberta is a huge friend of the u.s. they call alberta the 51st state. and we have the pipeline. >> now we run into somebody and now we have to talk about an actual issue. thanks. you would like to see the pipelines open because it would be good for alberta. >> absolutely. >> if you were american would you be supporting mitt romney? >> i would be. >> the good news is he can't vote. >> vegas? >> yes, sir. >> hey. >> you're the first person i've found from las vegas. are the political ads annoying here? are you tired of them. >> you mean all the prostitute ads where they give you little cards? that's the only ads i'm used to here. >> no, the ads for the candidates obama and--
4:52 pm
>> yeah, yeah, i ignore that now. >> the election is coming up on tuesday. >> right, who are you going to be voting for. >> i'm voting for barack obama. >> i like you even more now. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: yeah, ben what's up. >> we had dinner together. >> cenk: is that right? i would have guessed that. alberta nobody calls it the 51st state. i love that stereotypical syrian you talked to, and the lady with the two heads she thinks everyone is against obama. >> she was in las vegas six hours. >> which way will nevada go. >> the polls in nevada, the last eight polls have obama head he which is staggering in many ways. this was a pretty red state until clinton won it in '92 and '96, but did he that with ross perot being on the ticket. and then obama won it by 12
4:53 pm
points, and the demographics have changed considerably. it's much more of a latino state, and it seems like it will stay a blue state. it's still close obama on average just three points. the unemployment in nevada is just under 12%. in a sense the president shouldn't even be competitive. >> cenk: but the demographics are huge. >> yes. >> cenk: when we come back, the elbow of the day. i'll give it away, it's on an republican head. but who is delivering it when we return. informed electorate. s
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: if there is one thing we know, it's that the republicans are better at handling the economy right? they say it all the time. wrong! let's take a look at how democraticdemocratic and republican presidents have done over the last six decades. democratic president 4.2% growth for the economy and republicans, 2.6%. they're worse than handling the economy. when are people going to get that through their head. one guy who knows that, bill clinton. >> what new ideas do we bring to washington? i always bring an one-word answer--arithmetic. >> cenk: how about stock market. that's where the job creators are, under the democratic parties, since 1913, 12% growth under democrats 5% growth under
4:57 pm
republicans. obama certainly didn't do that. wrong! 12.3%, better than the democratic average. who do we have in the ad? is that the g.o.p. in the middle of the ring? it's math, math the elbow of the day. it's devastating for the republicans. they hate math and science. they're always looking around for that. monday and tuesday, i don't know if you know this, the election is coming!
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